Franchise Form

Interior / Exterior Infrastructure Support

  Ø   Classrooms designed to conform with American standards for preschool education

  Ø   Self explanatory design manual document ( e.g. Wall ceiling, furniture, floor, etc. ) Manual contains the following :Paint Codes & Designs

 Ø   Complete guidance on furniture/ fixtures.

  Ø     Dos and Donts to prevent unpleasant preschool experience.


                    Note : Above Cost Includes full Setup material (Furniture, Play equipment’s, All teaching aid material),marketing material, Franchise fee of wowkids, Training fees and taxes.

Business And Staff Training

  Ø  Our business and staff training will take the form of

  Ø   Recruiting qualified staff for positions created and impacting Leadership skills in them.

  Ø   Getting parents Inquiries and encouraging them to visits our location.

  Ø   Ensuring Inquiries are converted into Admissions.

  Ø   Setting reasonable and affordable pricing/Fee for more admissions.

  Ø   Researching into activities ttat can increase profitability like Day care or evening classes.

  Ø   Managing Day to Day Operations.

  Ø   provision of how to keep our records and oversee profitability.

 Staff Training Support Includes

             Ø  Our business and staff training will take the form of

  Ø   Organizing on - the - job training for staff.

  Ø   Training staff on Parent/ staff relationship.

 Staff And Kids Relationship

  Ø  Our business and staff training will take the form of

  Ø   Staff to be trained to understand behaviors to expect from preschoolers.

  Ø   Teachers to understand and be given a detailed Curriculum Training.

  Ø   Proper organization of special events.

  Ø   Organizing Parent Teacher Meeting and Annual day.

 Marketing And Advertising Support

  Ø  Marketing Training will Include :

  Ø   How to market our business with ultra low cost techniques.

  Ø   Free listing on social media etc.

  Ø   Where to market (our potential parents Catchment Areas)

  Ø   Viability of Marketing for optimum results.

  Ø   Assessing the Impact for each marketing campaign.

Using Social Media And Technology To Our Advantage

  Ø   We mapped out a well design marketing campaign for each branch.

  Ø   We make use of customised Prelaunch and Launch campaigns.

  Ø   Advertising, promotional and marketing material, including prospectuses, brochures, newspaper advertisements, mailers, leaflets, banners, cable advertising etc are prepared by professionals.

 Real Time Operational Intelligence

  Ø   Continuous updates on Curriculum & Activities.

  Ø   Continuous Manpower training.

  Ø   Continuous and dynamic industry updates.

  Ø   Essential tips on Competitive Strategy Development on regular basis.

  Ø   Important tips for improving day-to-day working.

  Ø   Tips on how to manage business on a vacation or remotely.