Some children cry at their first contact with the school, after illness, and after vacation. This is so because they have become used to staying at home. Separating a child from the parent is a difficult experience for preschoolers.

Children should be made to know that their parents will come back for them and for initial few days It may be necessary for parents to wait for 10-20 minutes.

We assure you that your child will settle down quickly and will intimate you on how your ward is fairing in these regards.

Speech delay shouldn’t be an obstacle to the enrollment of a toddler in a preschool. The school will rather assist the child in speaking. Interaction with other children will be a catalyst for the child to express himself or herself.

At WOW KIDS schools, we handle this challenge in a number of ways. One of such is our stage activities directed towards enhancing language development and building self-confidence in children. A WOW kid child conquers stage fright with ease and sees the entire world as a platform on which he can stand to make his voice heard.

We are familiar with having some children who are not native English speakers. Our teachers have that as part of their training. Children’s minds are like clean slates, they acquire language fast. It will amaze you the way your ward will be transformed within a short period.

Yes, the official language in WOWKIDS schools is English. Speaking English is an integral part of our culture such that we make it a 100% English environment when having classes, on playing ground, during lunch and when engaged in other school activities. However, on Cultural Day and classes for native languages they are allowed to speak the local dialects.

Yes, WOWKIDS allows children to be enrolled throughout the year. Our enrollment policy is made flexible to meet the various needs of parents. Families that may want to enroll their wards on short term basis can also do so any time of the year.

Yes, for all our main program we offer free trial lessons for your wards after which you pay if you want to continue with us. However, please contact respective branch head for details.

We bring up our kids at WOW KIDS preschools to tolerate and accommodate one another. If however there is conflict, the teacher acts as the mediator in resolving such conflicts amicably . Any undesirable habit noticed in a child is carefully handled by the teacher by substituting such negative trait with a positive one . As they grow, we expose them to seminars on building relationship, conflict resolution and how to accommodate and respect the views of other people. We teach them courtesy. They learn how to say “sorry ” when they are wrong, “thank you ” when the need arises etc. The virtues we build in them from the outset grow with them and it minimizes incidence of conflicts.

We expect your child to cry or show displeasure at first contact with school, after illness or long vacation. No child will want to break away from the family love and attachment he enjoys. This will be for a short while. At WOW KIDS schools, there is no boring moment. Children thrive well in an environment with fun fair activities. Our staff is passionate and have been trained to care for children like mothers. Children grow to love their teachers as they receive motherly affection from their teachers, the school becomes an extension of home.

The school will appreciate proper communication of events like divorce, death in the family, illnesses, birth of a new baby that may generate anxiety in a child. Such situations can be handled in a way that will not affect the child negatively. We promise to treat such information as confidential.

Some children may engage in negative or destructive habits. The first step is to get to the root or causes of such behaviors. It is easier to solve the problem when the cause is known.. The teacher counsels and restructures the child’s mind towards positive behavior. The child is also engaged in activities that will occupy his mind and take it away from the bad behavior. If need be, the parent may be invited for counseling especially when the behavior is caused by family challenges.

It is possible to have a preschooler refusing to go to school. We rarely have cases of such at WOW KIDS schools, This is because our teachers are passionate and our activities are interesting. If however we have situation of such, we investigate to know the probable reasons for it. The causes are therefore addressed. Once the root cause is addressed, the child will love coming to school.

Parents are advised to ask questions that bothers their minds at the point of enrollment and anytime the need arises. Children should be tenderly cared for before they are brought to school. Parents should avoid anything that may generate anger in their wards before bringing them to school . For instance, a child should not be forced to take his breakfast. The mother should rather tenderly appeal to the child making him to see the reason why he has to eat well.

We conduct written examinations, interviews and practical teaching for our teachers. We also ensure that all staff undergo medical checkups in government hospitals before they are employed . We expose our teachers to series of training in form of seminars, conferences, symposium and workshops.

Apart from the in-service-training, we encourage our staff to go for higher education on part time basis. We encourage them to go for Red Cross training to equip them for First – Aid education . We make our teachers go through micro – teaching before the School Administrator on weekly basis as a way of checking the quality of teaching.

We ensure that teachers sanitize the toys and classrooms with non-toxic sanitizer in the ratio of 9:1 for water and sanitizer respectively The toys and classrooms are sanitized twice daily. We also ensures that the entire school environment is neat at all times.

Toilet training is done at the appropriate time and with the consent of parents. We do this by creating awareness for recess time. Gradually, children imbibe the training without much stress. Parents are to join the school in toilet training their wards. Children are also taught the vocabulary related to toilet training such as ‘wee’ and ‘poo’.

We are conscious of the need to prevent epidemics in a school environment. This is why we are so sensitive to issues that bothers on health. We ensures our classrooms and toys are sanitized early in the morning and after classes. We employ the services of professional cleaning crew for cleaning rugs and carpets and waxing the floor when the need arises.

The ratio varies depending on the ages of the children and the classroom size.

For 18 months to 2.5 years, the ratio is 4:1 that is, 4 children to 1 teacher with a maximum of 8 children in a class. For 2.5 – 3.5 the ratio is 5:1

Lower KG – 3.5 to 4.5 , the ratio is 8:1and for Upper KG, it on 10:1. The maximum number of children per class is 10.

The ratio varies depending on the ages of the children and the classroom size.

For 18 months to 2.5 years, the ratio is 4:1 that is, 4 children to 1 teacher with a maximum of 8 children in a class. For 2.5 – 3.5 the ratio is 5:1

Lower KG – 3.5 to 4.5 , the ratio is 8:1and for Upper KG, it on 10:1. The maximum number of children per class is 10.

We implore parents not to send sick children to school. If however a child develops illness in school, the parents are contacted immediately. A sick child is taken to the sick bay where the school nurse tests the temperature and closely monitor the health conditions pending the arrival of the parents. For communicable diseases, the infected child is to be kept at home until certified perfectly okay.

We encourage the parents to feel free to communicate with our teachers and administrators. We however recommend that appointment be booked for such so that teacher’s attention will not be distracted at busy times like the dropping off or picking up times. The school also made provision for Parents Teachers meeting to create a forum for discussion on issues that bothers on the children.

Our teacher will communicate how each child is fairing in the weekly assessment record. Parents are allowed to comment in the report which is submitted back to class teacher on the first working day of each week. The teachers go through each report and extract any information needed to be attended to.

We operate triangular form of interaction which involves, the child. the parents and the school. The parents are part of the WOW KIDS family. Apart from daily visit to school to drop and pick their wards, they are invited to attend special celebrations such as birthdays PTA meetings and special days celebrations We also have parents day which involves inviting parents in specific professions coming to teach the pupils under the control of the teacher.

YES, for parents that are interested in using the services of the school bus,, we advise that you contact our transport department for the necessary arrangements.

We allow the children to watch educative videos when we needto demonstrate a concept. For instance, motion in animals can be taught by showing a video clip of how some animals move. Music and rhymes can also be learnt through video clips.

At WOW KIDS schools, we do not confine teaching only to the four walls of the school, we take our children out on field trips. Children learn better when they see what you teach them physically. For instance, In addition to watching video clips on motion in animals, a field trip to zoo will enhance what they have learnt in the classrooms. We encourage our teachers to organize field trips on regular basis. Parents sometimes may assist in transporting children on field trips.

We celebrate the birthday for each month on last Friday of the month. Children whose birthdays fall within a particular month are celebrated. They are allowed to come into the school in their party wears on the chosen day. Our mini auditorium is beautifully decorated to make it a befitting celebration. Food and drinks are not the focus of the party but rather interesting social activities like music, dancing arts and crafts, taking photographs, games etc . Parents of celebrants are also welcome to the party. We do not allow parents to plan any special party in the school and if they plan such at home, they can bring invitation to school only if they are inviting the whole kids in their ward’s class. Please, note that invitation cards are to be given to parents.

Yes! We allow parents to give their wards snacks from home. Such snacks should however be properly labeled with the child’s name written on it. We recommend that the snacks conform with the USDA guidelines for healthy snacks. Children can also bring water or healthy fruit drinks to school.

We do not handle the issue of security with levity. Security measures are put in place to ensure safety of our children. These include but not limited to :

  • – Disallowing unauthorized persons from entering our school premises.
  • – Ensure children are released to only their parents or persons authorized by parents.
  • – Fencing round the school compound and securely locking the gates.
  • – Fixing security cameras round the premises to prevent intruders.