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Embark on a Joyous Learning Journey with WOWKIDS! 🌈

Unveil the magic of early education with WOWKIDS Playschool Admissions – where every child’s adventure begins!

🎈 Admission Criteria:

a) First Come, First Serve:

Secure your spot in the WOWKIDS family with our simple and fair admission policy.

b) Age Requirement:

Welcome little ones aged 2 years and above to join the delightful journey of playschool education.

📜 Documents Required:

* A Birth Certificate from a civic body is your child’s ticket to exploration.
* Eight adorable passport-sized photographs of your child to capture those precious moments.
* Four passport-sized photographs of each beaming parent, because every family is a treasured part of WOWKIDS.

🚀 Admission Process:

* Your child’s playschool adventure begins with personalized counseling, guiding you through the WOWKIDS experience.

* The journey culminates with the completion of the admission process, including the submission of required documents and the payment of admission fees.

* Record Register entry marks the official initiation into WOWKIDS, with group allocation based on age eligibility and admission date.

👶 Student Groups:

Play Group2 Years +
Nursery3 Years +
LKG4 Years +
UKG5 Years +

📍 For More Information:

* Explore details like Playschool Admission fee structure by visiting the WOWKIDS Branch near you. Our friendly staff is ready to guide you on this enchanting voyage.

WOWKIDS – Where Every Child’s Beginning is Extraordinary! 🌟📚