Franchise Form

Infrastructure Support

Classroom Design:

Ø   Our classrooms are meticulously designed to adhere to American standards for preschool education.

Design Manual:

Ø   A comprehensive design manual includes details for walls, ceilings, furniture, and flooring. It contains essential information such as paint codes and designs.

Furniture and Fixtures:

Ø   Complete guidance on furniture and fixtures ensures a conducive learning environment.

Dos and Donts:

Ø     We provide a set of guidelines to prevent any unpleasant preschool experiences.
Note: The above cost includes full setup materials, marketing materials, the franchise fee for WOW Kids, training fees, and taxes.

Business and Staff Training

Recruitment and Leadership:

Ø  We focus on recruiting qualified staff and nurturing leadership skills in them.

Admissions Strategy:

Our training encompasses converting inquiries into admissions, setting reasonable fees, and exploring activities for increased profitability.

Operations Management:

Training covers day-to-day operations, financial record-keeping, and overseeing profitability.

Staff Training Support

On-the-Job Training:

Ø   Staff undergo on-the-job training to enhance their skills.

Parent-Staff Relationship:

Ø   Specialized training on building positive parent-staff relationships.

Staff and Kids Relationship

Understanding Behaviors:

Ø   Staff is trained to understand expected behaviors from preschoolers.

Curriculum Training:

Ø   Teachers receive detailed curriculum training for effective teaching.

Special Events:

Ø   Expert organization of special events, Parent-Teacher Meetings, and Annual Day celebrations.

Marketing and Advertising Support

Ultra Low-Cost Techniques:

Ø   Training on cost-effective marketing strategies.

Social Media Listings:

Ø   Free listings on social media platforms.

Targeted Marketing:

Ø  Identifying potential parent catchment areas for optimum marketing results.

Utilizing Social Media and Technology

Strategic Campaigns:

Ø   Well-designed marketing campaigns for each branch.

Customized Launch Campaigns:

Ø   Utilization of prelaunch and launch campaigns for maximum impact.

Professional Material:

Professional preparation of advertising, promotional, and marketing material.

Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Continuous Updates:

Regular updates on curriculum, activities, and industry trends.

Dynamic Training:

Ø  Continuous training for staff development.

Competitive Strategy Tips:

Ø   Essential tips for developing competitive strategies.

Remote Management:

Ø   Guidance on managing the business remotely or during vacations.