Upper KG – 5 Years +

Welcome to the pinnacle of early education at WOW Kids – our Upper KG program! At this stage, your 5-year-old is not just a student; they’re a confident explorer, ready to showcase their potentials in an environment that nurtures curiosity, self-expression, and academic growth.

Confident Expression of Potential:

Upper KG is the stage where children shine and display their full range of potentials. They are aware of the opportunities around them and eagerly embrace every chance for learning and self-expression.

Vocabulary Expansion Extravaganza:

Prepare for a vocabulary expansion extravaganza! At this stage, children are exposed to a wider array of words, allowing them to express themselves with confidence and flair. Communication becomes a joyful journey of self-discovery.

Math Marvels:

In our Upper KG program, we delve into the world of mathematics with simple addition and subtraction. Your child will not only grasp these foundational concepts but will also embark on a colorful journey of discovering primary colors and their combinations to form magical secondary colors.

Logical Reasoning Playground:

Watch as logical reasoning comes to life through the excitement of solving simple puzzles. Our program stimulates cognitive development, allowing children to explore the fascinating world of patterns and logical thinking.

Rhyme and Read Adventures:

Reading takes on a rhythmic twist as children explore the world of rhyming words. Our approach to reading is not just about decoding letters but creating a harmonious symphony of language, making reading an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Beyond the Classroom:

Learning extends beyond the school walls with exciting field trips that enable children to explore their environment to the fullest. These real-world experiences enhance their understanding and bring lessons to life.

Join us at WOW Kids, where education is an adventure, and every child is celebrated as a confident explorer. Our Upper KG program is not just a curriculum; it’s a showcase of potentials, a celebration of language, math, and logical prowess. Together, let’s create a foundation for success and a future where your child’s brilliance truly shines!