Our Vision: Shaping Future Leaders with Confidence and Compassion

At WOW Kids, we envision leading the way as a distinguished preschool chain, dedicated to providing outstanding education. Our focus is on unlocking the unique potentials within each child and transforming them into young adults well-equipped to confidently navigate life’s challenges.

Our Mission: Commitment to Holistic Child-Centered Education

To realize our vision, WOW Kids schools are unwaveringly committed to:

* Serene Learning Environment:

Creating a peaceful and conducive environment that fosters optimal learning, free from distractions or hazards.

* Child-Centered Approach:

Implementing an educational system that revolves around the child’s needs, encouraging identity, meaning, and purpose in life.

* Holistic Programs:

Offering holistic programs that connect children to the community, nature, and humanitarian values. Our philosophy cultivates compassion, peace, and a love for learning.

* Learning Through Play:

Embracing research-based play-way methods to instill eagerness to learn and allowing children to explore their environment, nurturing their inherent potentials.

* Problem-Solving Learning:

Encouraging problem-solving methods of learning to stimulate cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domain development in every child.

Values and Character Building: Fostering Virtues Early On

We recognize the critical role of early childhood in character development. Therefore, we actively engage in a partnership with parents to instill values and virtues in WOW Kids. Our approach includes:

* Conducive Learning Environment:

Providing a tranquil setting, adorned with nature, where children can learn without external interference.

* Holistic Educational Philosophy:

Implementing a holistic program that aids in the social, educational, and emotional development of our students.

* Home-School Partnership:

Establishing a strong partnership with parents, keeping them regularly informed about their child’s progress and seeking their support in achieving common goals.

* Respect for Diversity:

Celebrating and respecting the individual differences in each child, allowing them to express their unique potentials.

* Focus of the Month Program:

Introducing the “Virtue of the Month” program, a collaborative effort involving the school, teachers, pupils, parents, and the community. This initiative focuses on instilling social values, with monthly assemblies showcasing the children’s learning.

* Virtue of the Month

August Love
September Gratitude
October Harmony
November Relationship
December Co-operation
January Cleanliness
February Humility
March Self-Esteem
April Forgiveness
May Integrity
June Community Development