Mr Atup Tyagi & Preeti Tyagi

Preeti Tyagi 

Preeti Tyagi, the visionary founder of Wow Kids preschool chain, is a driving force in early childhood education. Her passion for teaching and love for children make her not just a founder but a nurturing presence. Co-founding Wow Kids in 2014, Preeti combines entrepreneurial acumen with a decade of industry expertise, shaping the school’s success through unique insights into operations and curriculum development. Her illustrious career includes leadership roles at GE and IBM, where she left a positive transformative impact. Now, Preetis Visionary leadership and unwavering commitment continues to shape the future of early childhood education at Wow Kids.

Atul Tyagi

Atul Tyagi, a visionary leader behind Wowkids Preschool Chain, boasts over 15 years of senior management experience at major companies like WIPRO, AIRTEL, VODAFONE, and IFB, showcasing expertise in franchise retail operations and transformative business initiatives. Armed with an IIT Roorkee education, Atul is steering Wowkids towards nationwide and global expansion, establishing it as a beacon in early childhood education. Holding the Harvard World Record, he also founded the Early Childhood Global Mastermind Community, connecting 15,000 educators globally. As an advisory board member for the Social Skills Academy Switzerland, Atul contributes insights to shape the future of education. His illustrious background and dedication position him as a driving force in Wowkids’ pursuit of excellence and National prominence.