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Safety, Security, and Health Excellence at WOW KIDS Schools

When it comes to choosing a school for your cherished ones, their safety, security, and health are paramount. At WOW KIDS Schools, we prioritize these concerns with unwavering commitment, ensuring a learning environment that takes nothing lightly.

⭐ Security Reinvented:

Ø Our school premises are encircled with a secure fence and locked gates, deterring any unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel enter our school premises, enhancing the safety of our children.

Ø Rigorous security measures include photo identification verification, visitor forms, and CCTV surveillance, providing a vigilant eye on our school surroundings.

Ø After-school pickups are exclusively permitted for authorized individuals designated by parents, adding an extra layer of protection.

Ø Fire safety is a top priority, with fire escapes, capped electrical outlets, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers strategically placed. All our safety measures comply with stringent fire safety standards.

⭐ Spotless Sanitation Practices:

Ø Our sanitation staff undergoes rigorous hygiene training, ensuring cleanliness and disinfection in classrooms and toilets using non-toxic substances.

Ø Play equipment, toys, and furniture undergo regular sanitization to curb the spread of germs, fostering a healthy and safe environment.

Ø We instill proper hygiene habits in children, emphasizing handwashing after using the facilities, after playtime, and before meals.

⭐ Health Guardianship:

Ø Each morning, our dedicated teachers conduct health checks, including temperature monitoring and hand sanitization, fostering a proactive approach to health.

Ø Prompt communication with parents occurs when symptoms of illness are detected, ensuring a collaborative approach to a child’s well-being.

Ø Medications are administered only with a doctor’s note, and all medicines are securely stored out of reach.

Ø Drinking water is sourced from a water purifier, guaranteeing the purity of every sip.

⭐ Emergency Preparedness:

Ø Our well-equipped First-Aid and Emergency kits are strategically placed throughout the school, accompanied by teachers trained in Red Cross protocols.

Ø In the unfortunate event of an accident, we swiftly liaise with the nearest child care hospital.

Ø An emergency phone tree and contact system ensure seamless information dissemination during critical situations.

⭐ Dedicated and Informed Staff:

Ø Our staff undergoes comprehensive medical checkups and first aid training, ensuring their fitness and readiness to address any situation.

Ø Passionate and well-trained, our staff participates in continuous in-service training, staying current and delivering the best to our children.

Choose WOW KIDS Schools for a learning environment that prioritizes safety, security, and health, providing your child with the care they deserve!✨