Facilities At WOWKIDS

🌈 Discover the WOWKIDS Wonderland: Where Learning Meets Fun!

🏫 Classrooms:

Step into a world of vibrant learning at WOWKIDS, where our classrooms are not just spaces; they are colorful havens of education. The interiors are adorned with captivating colors, pictures, and posters, creating an engaging environment for our preschoolers. The international standard furniture is arranged to ensure every child is easily accessible. Both white and soft boards adorn the walls, fostering interactive learning and daily reminders of exciting lessons.

🎨 Activity Area:

Experience the joy of learning through play at our spacious and safe Activity Area. WOWKIDS integrates our curriculum seamlessly into playtime, allowing preschoolers to grasp basic concepts in a delightful play-way method. From role-playing in themed areas like Doll House, Farm House, to creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Storytelling, and more, each activity is a memorable adventure. Tuck shops transform into fun math experiences, teaching numbers through buying and selling activities.

πŸ“½οΈ Audio Visual & Multimedia Area:

Our Audio Visual Rooms are a technological marvel, enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like large format LCD or Plasma Screens, Projectors, Audio/Video Players, and Computers, we bring learning to life. From animation clips to interactive multimedia corners with touch screen computers, we ensure that learning is practical, captivating, and effective.

πŸŽ‰ Celebration Area:

At WOWKIDS, every child is a star! Our mini auditorium, complete with a stage and audio/video equipment, is where birthdays become monthly celebrations. It serves as a platform for stage exposure, where children shine and parents join in the festivities. Social events, festivals, and interactive sessions with parents further strengthen the bond, making everyone feel part of the WOWKIDS family.

🀸 Play Area at WOWKIDS:

Watch as children blossom in our safe and exciting Play Area, designed for the development of psychomotor skills. Swings, slides, bouncy castles, mini trains, and more create a space for physical, mental, and emotional growth. Magical experiences unfold with shows like magic, bear, monkey, and puppet shows, providing an enchanting world for our little ones.

🌟 Join the WOWKIDS Journey:

Explore the WOWKIDS wonderland, where every corner is crafted to make learning an adventure. Our facilities go beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere where education and fun coexist. Enroll your child today and witness the magic of education at WOWKIDS!

πŸš€ Unlocking Potential, Fostering Growth: WOWKIDS – Where Every Day is a Celebration of Learning! 🌟